About This Girl

I’m working on a purity book, “Oh yay, another one of those…”

I’ve read the books and while many have great advice, they usually end with, “And that’s how I met ______, my spouse.” Or worse, it’s a sob story about the arduous wait and the lonely lifestyle of singlehood. There has to be more to purity than holding a v-card and finding a spouse. There’s the enjoyment of LIFE as a single person: the adventures, travel, cultural experiences, opportunities, the growth, personal insight, and freedom. I always appreciate feedback, so feel free.

A little about me: Traveling is ingrained in my DNA. I was born in Texas. Raised all over the U.S. I love mission work, the medical field, ingesting copious amounts of knowledge, and honorable relationships. I’m quite passionate about health, purity, sports, and the Bible.

I’m a full-time nursing student, and I work on the weekends. I post every Blue Moon, so if you want to keep track, please follow. 🙂


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