The Seduction Slip N’ Slide

From the moment she walks in the room she commands attention. Every eye is on her. There is a way about her. The batting of her eyes, the mischievous smile, the toying giggle, and that welcoming body language; we all know we’ve seen or behaved in this manner. One of my friends has a gorgeous outer appearance. She’s had a lot of cosmetic work done and lives for attention. She is a lot of fun to be around, has the most generous attitude, and would do anything for her friends. That is, until a man-any man-walks in the room. Her entire aura changes. Her laugh gets obnoxiously loud, her posture more inviting, and she bats her teasing eyes in the guy’s direction. I can’t really single her out as abnormal. It happens all the time. Our emotional state says so much about what we truly value in life. Relationships seem to be the basis of our planet’s attention. And there is nothing wrong with that. After all, we were created for relationship. However, our contorted views of relationships are getting us in trouble. We feed off media’s perceptions of relationships and follow the world’s way of doing things. And yet, it is we who should be leading the example of relationships. The world cries out for something real, but doesn’t know how to practice the self-control in order to wait for it.

It is bedtime, a young girl is snuggled up in her warm, comfy bed, her favorite princess pajamas on and her teddy bear wrapped in her arms. It is the anticipated story time with her endearing father. It’s a fairytale story-THE BEST fairytale story! It is exciting, romantic, and everything she’s ever wanted. The Prince is heroic. He’s an amazing warrior with just the right amount of charm and wit. He is fighting for the Princess he loves and adores. As the story goes on, getting more exciting, it just can’t be read fast enough! She is so anxious to hear what happens next that she grabs the book from her daddy’s hands-ripping some pages as she jerks it away. Whoops! Oh well, so she misses a few details, there’s still a whole book and she’s not missing TOO much of the story. The next dilemma presents itself. She can’t read! She is just a child. And her imagination isn’t big enough to recreate the story. The only solution is to give the book back to her daddy, so he can finish the story.

We are like that little girl. God is the father. Not only is he the reader, He is the author of the book. God has written our love stories. We’re seeing them play out before our very eyes. Every time we take our hearts away from God and give them to guys, we are ripping a page or two. Spiritually we’re not able to read the future, and don’t know how the perfect story is supposed to continue. We are unable to replicate His ultimate story with our ‘immediate-results’ mentality. We only see the current dilemmas of insecurity, loneliness, or impatience. If we rush into a relationship with any of these motives, we’re headed for disaster. None of us know the future, but that’s the beauty of TRUSTING God with our hearts and stories. He knows our tomorrow’s. “You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed” -Psalm 139:16.

If Pharaoh had listened to Moses in the beginning things would have been easier for him. Every time he said no something tragic took place. He faced terrible consequences every time he shook his head and hardened his heart to Moses and to God. Each time brought its own repercussions. The worst came when Pharaoh lost his only son. I think that happens to us too. He keeps asking for our hearts. When we say no and take control of our “story,” something BAD happens. We face consequences. And they are painful and lasting. God gives us chances, but each time we say “no,” the consequences get worse. Ultimately, our hearts do belong to Him. When we accept Him as Savior, then all we have is His . . .  especially our hearts and bodies. Luke 9: 23-24, ““If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross daily, and follow me. If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it.” He does not say this to dictate our every move, He is offering LIFE through a walk with Him.

Time and time again, our feeble humanity draws us back. When we make compromises the damage is harsh. We were not meant to go from partner to partner in life. A lot of mistrust can be built through broken relationships which is consequentially carried into the next relationship. A guy can make a certain move, triggering an old wound and we may subconsciously react, building up walls, and lashing out all in the name of self-preservation. The human heart can contain so much pain. It is unbearable at first, when the wounds are fresh. But over time, it mends itself and leaves small scars as reminders. But what happens if the wound is reopened continually? Take a physical wound for instance, if you persistently pick at the scab or reopen the wound, it will become infected. It works the same emotionally. We all make mistakes. The true test is if we can turn from those sins and learn from our mistakes. I do have scars. I have made bad choices and caused my heart pain. But I’ve learned from those mistakes and put up road blocks in my wake. The road of sexual immorality is a dangerous, slippery, rocky road with plenty of mudslides. I’m pretty sure God gave me a flat tire before I could ever reach the turn off to that road. I’m thankful I haven’t given my heart to some guy and watched him rip it to shreds. But I have chosen alcohol, flirtation, and lip-locking in past situations so I have had a glimpse of where the road leads. I feel nothing but remorse over those actions. I truly wish I had more self-respect in my adolescence. I pray you take these words to heart. They are not meant to hinder your fun. They are only meant to help steer you on a healthy road of adventure minus the gut-wrenching pain of heart break.

Whether we’re steeped in confidence or drowning in insecurity, these decisions are life changing. And they are affecting the beautiful personalities that make us who we are. Each decision toward impurity slashes deeper into the sweet and wholesome innocence. But each step toward purity brings an innocent glow and an undeniably healthy heart.

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” -Prov. 4:23


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Traveling is ingrained in my DNA. I was born in Texas. Raised all over the U.S. I love mission work, the medical field, ingesting copious amounts of knowledge, and honorable relationships. I'm quite passionate about health, purity, sports, and the Bible. So, there's that! View all posts by Mackenzie

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