Not A Frog… Not A Prince… He’s A Man!

 “Tall, dark, and handsome. Mm, mm!”

Why are these the descriptions of a good-looker? Why can’t he be a bit short, not so dark, a little less muscular than a body builder, yet fully on fire for God and dreamy to a particular girl? Fairy tale beauty isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. We have to get past those little Disney figurines; Erik, Aladdin, and even Prince Charming. We set guys up to fail by their very genetic makeup. We are sometimes quick to pass judgment because a guy doesn’t initially send an electrifying spark through our systems, or he didn’t fly in on a carpet or wild steed. He didn’t rescue us from the girls in the locker room or the fights with the parents. He didn’t toss his life in the ocean and start worshipping us the moment we walked into his life. Bah! Who does he think he is? Well, for starters, he’s a REAL guy. He isn’t a character dreamed up by an old man for millions of little children throughout the generations. Sometimes he doesn’t brush his teeth in the morning, doesn’t know how to comfort us when we’re crying, and may not want to carry on an elaborate, detailed conversation for more than five minutes. That’s okay. If we could get past the fictitious measure of handsome, we might truly see some of these guy friends and pursuers as the handsome creations God has uniquely made each of them to be. We might learn from them and find glimpses of God in each of them. I do think attraction is important, but first impressions are not always accurate portraits of true beauty. Some of these guys deserve a second glance where their true and handsome character may be revealed.

Ever since we were little girls we’ve been hearing fairytale stories. Aside from the innate desire to be pursued by the one we like, there are reinforcements in stories, playtime, movies, and in the modeling we observe from our peers. Many young girls have dreamed of their wedding day. Many dream of meeting their Prince Charming. He saves his fair lady, sweeps her off her feet, and makes her feel like the only girl in the world. There is only one problem with this foggy story: when young girls make this fairytale story their only goal in life. I’m afraid our make-believe world has sold us short on real life adventures. If we recall, many of our animated heroines are living lack luster lives looking for adventure. Along comes a hero. He is her adventure. He brightens the picture and brings color to her world. Somehow this has poisoned our minds to singlehood. Many are just waiting for that guy to prance in and turn the world upside down with discovery and expedition. Whoever our prince may be he is not the only adventure for us. Imagine how much pressure it would add to our guys if they felt they had to live up to the fairytales. Not only do they have to figure out their lives, become responsible leaders and providers, but now they also have to portray a gallant hero and continually provide copious amounts of entertainment for us. We have to keep these relationships in perspective. He’s human, just like we are. And we both bring something to the relationship table. We both have unique aspects of God to portray to the other person.

Do you think women’s expectations of men are too high? Could this mentality be one of the main culprits?


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Traveling is ingrained in my DNA. I was born in Texas. Raised all over the U.S. I love mission work, the medical field, ingesting copious amounts of knowledge, and honorable relationships. I'm quite passionate about health, purity, sports, and the Bible. So, there's that! View all posts by Mackenzie

9 responses to “Not A Frog… Not A Prince… He’s A Man!

  • darkyetlovely

    This is a good word girl 🙂 Thanks for sharing your heart. I’m excited to read your book!

  • visitingmissouri

    I do find women’s expactations of men to be too high, but I think you are corrected on the whole Prince Charming paradigm rather soon. I think it’s embedded in modern culture. Aren’t women expecting too much of themselves too?

  • sweetsirensofmudhock

    Oh yes, and media has played a great part in that misfortunate hang-up. There is nothing wrong with doing our best and always looking for opportunities to stay fit, learn more, and take up new hobbies. It becomes a problem when we look at magazines or other women and covet those looks because they are modern portraits of beauty. In all actuality, beauty is everywhere, we just have to take off our blinders to see. Stay tuned. I’ll share more this weekend. 🙂

  • Kadi Love

    Hey Beautiful! Love your blog, and just shared it with a women’s group I attend. You write about so many things that women need to hear, thank you. I totally agree with you that women have expectations that are too high for men. The world has such a twisted way of looking at what is handsome and what is ugly. Whereas we’re all made in the image of God, therefore there is something handsome in every man and something absolutely beautiful in every woman. I know in my own life, when I was younger I had one of those list that most teenage girls make up of what they want their husband to be like and look like. God destroyed that list a few years back, and I’m so thankful that he did! You’re awesome, thank you for sharing what God has put on your heart and how he is teaching you!

  • sweetsirensofmudhock

    Kadi! I appreciate your comment. It is a blessing and encouragement to hear your testimony. It is amazing how God softens our hearts and removes the cataracts from our eyes. I love how you said “there is something handsome in every man and something absolutely beautiful in every woman.” I couldn’t agree more! Thank you again for your words. 🙂

  • Aron Darling

    Great Article! Thank you for sharing! I see this goes both ways; men are typically looking for that perfect skin/bodied woman and a good majority of ladies are looking for Prince Charming.

    • sweetsirensofmudhock

      Thank you. And I couldn’t agree more. Both genders are missing out on great relationships because of wild expectations that have been implanted through skin-deep beauty strew across magazines…. little do we realize, much of that is photoshopped. 🙂 People are REAL and there is beauty to be discovered in each of them.

  • Jennifer C.

    This mentality sets expectations that are not `possible to meet. Women need to start expecting and encouraging Biblical expectations. Arguably, those are impossible to meet on their own, but if Christ is the center, those expectations can be met in Him.

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