Emotional Vomit

It was apparent from the intent look on his face, he was serious. And he was really sharing his deepest love for me after just two weeks of interaction. “I can’t help it. It’s what YOU do to me,” he stated. I was blindsided with his awkward emotional vomit spilling down my front. I didn’t know how to react. How in the world did I get myself into a situation where another hapless fellow was sharing his physical attraction to my outer shell as though it were the next top love story of the 21st century? We were friends, I assumed! How did such a healthy friendship spiral downward so quickly?

We do not need to share our hearts with the object of our affection the moment we begin to feel the emotional uprising. Song of Songs states clearly, “Do not awaken love before the time is right.” This phrase is used over and over again throughout the book. Sharing one’s heart abruptly strains a friendship. It destroys, not builds upon a solid foundation. It seems as though we-as a generation-do not focus enough on discernment and self-control as desirable attributes to possess. People are so quick to blurt out their infatuation for fear of losing the chance or missing out on some of the fun and excitement of romantic relationships. But something happens when this confession is not received well. Once we have spewed those emotions forth-at the wrong time-there’s no back-tracking to the friendship zone. Like a maze, it is nearly impossible to find our way back. Why would we sacrifice a quality friendship because our gag-reflex is hyper-sensitive due to emotional gorging? Consequences ensue even after forgiveness. We will always face the repercussions from previous mistakes. With those specific friendships, we may never gain that closeness again. But now is the time to turn a new leaf. There are too many broken relationships in this world. Something needs to change. I do not believe we will ever regret waiting for the “right time” in relationships. It is a serious topic: two lives are at stake for a dramatic change. After interaction and closeness with one another, a bond is created and when the two are separated, that bond is severed and hearts are broken. Relationships are not meant to be pursued in “trial by error” form. It is not worth injuring another person’s identity, heart, and self-esteem level. We need to grasp this without needing to “practice” our way through life, leaving broken hearts, or pieces of our own heart strewn through life along the way.


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Traveling is ingrained in my DNA. I was born in Texas. Raised all over the U.S. I love mission work, the medical field, ingesting copious amounts of knowledge, and honorable relationships. I'm quite passionate about health, purity, sports, and the Bible. So, there's that! View all posts by Mackenzie

One response to “Emotional Vomit

  • Crystal Bright

    Thanks, I think God is leading you in this direction. I have met many people who need to hear what you are saying. I am glad you are standing up for “living the God life” and not just sitting around waiting for Mr. Right. First off you need to focus being Miss Right. Then if God wants you to be married then HE will make it happen, but if not it is sooo much easier to serve HIM. Good job. Looking forward to a book.

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